Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!

As a lot of you may know, for the past year I’ve been working on rewriting the story of Rapunzel into a (hopefully) less girly story. I’m not sure how far I’ve managed to do that, but it has certainly been an experience for me as I learn to actually finish a story. I’ve never fully completed one, editing and all, so this has been exciting! My problem? I can’t think of a single good title for the story. Nope, not one. The folder on my flashdrive is literally labeled “Raven Story”. (Yes, her name is Raven, not Rapunzel – who would name a kid Rapunzel anyway?) At any rate, since this story is intended for publishing (hopefully before the year’s end) I figure I should start sharing about it on here. (Stop jumping up and down – I’m not going to tell you all about it at once so you’ll have to be patient and come back often. Muahaha!)


Oh, and I have another problem too. Currently the story is only around forty pages, and unless I find a way to add bajillions of descriptions and thoughts and all that great stuff, I doubt it will be much longer. So I have a couple questions. Does that make it a novella? Is it too short to publish on its own? Would it be better for me to do several similar-length stories to publish together like I intended at first? Please comment below with your thoughts!


“Well, look who decided to visit me.” the old woman exclaimed to her knitting. “I wonder what would prompt her to come again so soon!”

“Mother is going to town and she told me to watch your fire.” Raven scowled. Why did Luda always have to aggravate her?

“That explains it.” Luda viciously stabbed a knitting needle through the yarn and fell silent. Raven ignored the caustic comment and leaned on the window ledge, trying to feel the spring breeze that played just out of reach.

“Why can’t I go outside the ruins?” she asked suddenly, turning to the cantankerous old woman.

“Because your mother was foolish, that’s why.” Luda spat, and rocked harder. Raven narrowed her eyes, and turned back to the window.

“She’s not foolish…” she muttered fiercely to herself, and then stopped. After all, why did Tolina think Raven couldn’t go out on her own? And why didn’t she ever tell Raven about their past? And why did they live in the castle ruins in the first place?

“What do you mean?” Raven turned suspiciously to look at Luda again.

“Now what nonsense are you talking about?” Luda held up her knitting and scrutinized it closely.

“Why did you call Mother foolish, and what does it have to do with me?” Raven prodded impatiently.

“I called her that because she is.” Luda snapped. “And it has everything to do with you. It’s her fault.”

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8 thoughts on “Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!

  1. I think you should make a books of fairy tales 🙂

  2. Faith B.

    No, it’s not too short to publish on its own. At least as an ebook. I have seen stories as short as 17 pages on Amazon. 🙄

  3. Juliet Nicole

    What sort of pages? Book pages, or word processor pages?

    • They’re word processor pages. 🙂 I guess that could make a difference… I hadn’t considered the fact that book pages might be smaller.

      • Juliet Nicole

        If you want to calculate how many book pages it’d be, then you can take your word count and divide it by 250. That’s the averaged estimate of how many words per page there are. 🙂

        But anyway…if you want to know how it would be categorized, that is calculated by word count rather than page count, since page count can vary so much. I think the smallest WC that would still be a novella is 20,000, or something approaching thereto.

        But regardless of whether it’s a novella or not, I shall add my vote to the general opinion: publish it! 😀

  4. Cool, thanks for your input, Juliet! 😀 *Will take all this into consideration as she finishes up with it* 🙂

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