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God of Your Monday

This is a Sestina I wrote a few days ago. (And for those who don’t know, a Sestina is a poem that does not have rhythm or rhyme – the pattern is in the last word of every line. )

Your Sunday’s over; you’re looking forward to Monday

So you can take off your mask

Go your own selfish way

And stop pretending that you’re holy.

I know you don’t think much of Me;

You take My name in vain when the preacher’s not around.


Do you think I’m not around

On Monday?

Do you think you don’t need Me?

Do you think I’m pleased by your Sunday mask?

I hear you call filth holy.

I can see you’ve forgotten that I’m THE WAY.


Admit it – you’re running away from Me.

You want to go your selfish way.

You’d rather do your thing, and wear your mask

Whenever the preacher’s around.

You don’t want to surrender your Monday;

You’re afraid to let me make you holy.


I am holy –

Have you forgotten you can trust Me?

I’m still here on Monday,

Watching you go your way

And pretend that I’m not around.

I can see through your mask.


My child, put down that mask.

Let Me make you holy.

Why deny that I’m always around?

Trust Me,

And come My way

Even on Monday.


Child, come near Me!

There is a better way

If only you will let Me be the God of your Monday.

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It seems like a lot of people believe that they are ugly, or at least not very good looking, [insert the sound of the rant alarm ringing like crazy] so today I think I’ll try to set the record straight with an article I wrote a while back.

Psalm 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

I looked up the definition of fearfully and wonderfully, and these are a couple of the results:

Fearfully – Feeling reverence; feeling respect or awe for somebody or something. (In this case, our Creator)

Wonderfully – Outstanding, of a quality that excites admiration or amazement; exceedingly pleasing, suiting somebody perfectly.

Wow, look at that!

Saying that we are fearfully made means that we excite reverence, respect, and awe for our Creator when people (or even ourselves) look at us. We are an awesome creation, made in God’s image. I heard somewhere that “God don’t make no junk” and that is perfectly right. Each one of us is made the way we are for a special reason, and each one of us is awesome. We are fearfully made.

Not just fearfully, either – lookie here, there’s another adjective! We are wonderfully made, outstanding, of a quality that excites admiration or amazement; exceedingly pleasing, suiting God perfectly. He made us, and He is pleased! That’s pretty amazing right there. And I think that if we are exceedingly pleasing to Him, then that’s all we need in order to know that He made us beautiful.

To wrap it all up, if God made us, and if He thinks that we are outstanding and exceedingly pleasing, then who are we to doubt Him? We are beautiful in His eyes, and in the end, His opinion is all that matters. We can be confident in knowing that we matter to God, and He doesn’t make mistakes. Ever. We are the way we are for a reason, and that reason is a beautiful story He is writing through us. We are beautiful, because God made us that way. *Smiles*

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Greater Love Has No Man Than This…

Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. (John 15:13)

Hmm…let’s try a less poetic version. [bunny-trail] The Williams Translation, which, although not very well known, is one of the most accurate layman’s-language translation out there because it’s not a paraphrase. [/bunny-trail]

No one can show greater love than this, the giving of his life for his friends.

Why so fussy about the translation? Normally I’m not that persnickety. Bear with me; I have my reasons for it today. First though, I’d like to share something that a friend said to me:

“You know, people can get so focused on dying for Christ that they forget to live for Him.”

Anybody see the connection there? Maybe it’s just me and my crazy brain again… Basically, my thought is this – what if (and only what if – I won’t even pretend I know what I’m talking about; if you think I’m completely off my rocker, just say so) this ‘laying down one’s life for his friends’ thing is not meaning literally dying? Just what if? What if it is ‘giving of his life’ instead? See the difference? What if Jesus meant for us to give parts of our lives away in the form of time, attention, effort? What if He really wanted us to sacrifice our petty interests and pride for the sake of another? What if that’s what love really means?

After all, I think you’ll agree, if we all took the verse literally we’d end up all being dead. *Chuckles* So…what if? What if we died to our desires for our friend’s sake? What if we gave of our lives? Do you think that would be more awe-inspiring to the rest of the world than a bunch of graves or monuments to people who sacrificed their lives for others? I do. After all…which is really more noble, heroically dying for someone else’s sake, or humiliating yourself for the sake of someone who doesn’t deserve it? Which will make the bigger impact on someone? It’s certainly much flashier to go the dying route. After all, it’s only a one-time instance, and it makes you look “soooo noble and good and kind!” And who wants to humiliate themselves anyways? The aftereffects are much more long-lasting. People will remember it. “Did you see that?? He just made himself look like a complete idiot!”

What I find incredible is that Jesus didn’t do one or the other. He did both. He died the most humiliating death, and all for us who didn’t deserve it. Wow… I just can’t get over that! So maybe – just maybe –there’s more to that verse than it looks like at first. Maybe He wants us to give of our lives not just give them up. Do you think? So I have a question for you. If you had the choice, which would you be willing to give up first, your life, or your image (and all the pride connected to it)? If you’re ready to die for someone, that’s great – but would you be able to humiliate yourself for them? I hope so. Because maybe, just maybe, that’s what love is really about.

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