Just One Thing

If there was just one thing you could teach people through your life, for the rest of your life, what would it be? What theme would run through every conversation you had? What would people see as your ‘life message’?

If there’s just one thing I can show people for the rest of my life, I want it to be that God is real. So many people have no better image of God than the portrait-style pictures people draw of Him. But God isn’t a portrait. He doesn’t just smile nicely and hold a lamb. He’s living, and moving, and just so real! How do you capture that in a portrait? How do you capture the power that it takes to raise a man three days in the grave back to life? How do you capture the intensity of the love that would take the crucifixion for us dirty awful humans? As my friend Joshua Sandefur said, you don’t capture it – it captures you! So, really, what I’m saying is that I want to be captured by God for the rest of my life.

And I do. I want to feel His power pulsing in the earth beneath my feet. I want to see His fingerprints in everything, no matter where I look. I want to feel Him breathing out through me. And I want to show people how to do the same. If people could only see how huge God is, how truly powerful He is, and just how good He is… Well, wouldn’t a lot of their problems disappear in His blazing glory? Wouldn’t their petty troubles melt away in the heat of his presence? Wouldn’t they truly trust Him for everything? Wouldn’t truly knowing just that one thing with all their heart change who they are and how they live?

I for one believe that just this one thing is worth spending the rest of my life doing. I could never get tired of living in God’s presence and showing others that He truly is God of all Creation. And after all, if I have that, what else in the whole world do I need?

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One thought on “Just One Thing

  1. *Smiles quietly* Well said, Calista. 🙂

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