Tribute to Paul

Hullo again. Here I am again – actually not. I am currently frazzling my brain out taking the ACT test, but in the meantime, here is an old poem to keep you busy until I’m sane again. It’s one that I wrote for school many years ago and only recently rediscovered in one of my random piles of paper.


Tribute to Paul

Here lies Paul, a short man, ’tis true,

Who followed his Savior, and taught what to do.

He journeyed to Rome three or four times, ’tis said,

Until all the Romans did chop off his head.


Here lies Paul, courageous and free,

Who got beat many times and was shipwrecked at sea.

One time he was stoned ’till they thought he was dead,

But later some good folk fed him broth and bread.


Here lies Paul, a writer he was,

Who wrote to the churches with “whys” and “because”.

His letters remain here for us all to read,

And his teachings got put in the Apostle’s Creed.


Here lies Paul, what more can I say?

Folks told him “Shut up!” but he talked anyway.

He left as this lesson, that we can well see,

That if we obey God, we’ll live eternally.

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