Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

I’m hoooome! *Pictures a tiger bursting through the door to tackle her* 😉 Okay, so I’m not Calvin, and I don’t have a pet tiger. (Sadly…) *Cough* At any rate, I’m home from STEP now, as of Saturday evening.

One word to describe the experience? Sorry, that’s impossible. There is no way to condense a month of amazingness into one word. At least not with my limited intellect. STEP was hard, stretching, hot and sweaty, sore, and sometimes scary. And yet…it was rewarding, amazing, beautiful, and taught me more things than I can count.

If you look at the brochure, you might think that STEP mostly just impacts people via the skills it teaches. It doesn’t. More than just the emergency skills, STEP teaches teamwork, love, openness, confidence, humility, selflessness, and trust – in both one’s team members, and the Lord. The biggest thing I took home with me was not how much I now knew how to do on my own, but how small I am and how much I need God’s presence and strength every day. There were countless other thinks and lessons along the way, but I won’t trouble you with a list of them. However, many of them may/will make it into future blog posts.

STEP was absolutely amazing. It was hard, it was painful in some ways, but it was good, rewarding, and life-changing. So much so that I’m beginning to consider returning next summer for STEP Advanced. *Grin* Anybody want to come with me? 😉

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