I Want to be Obsessed

People can get obsessed with a lot of things. Shoes, cars, video games, computer games, makeup, clothes, movie stars, bands, books, TV shows, sports…the list could probably go on into infinity pretty much. People sure have a lot of fun with their obsessions! Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing something. Could it be that I should find an obsession? Something I can spend all my energy on? Something I can talk about and seek above all else?

One little problem with that. Spending all your time, thoughts, and energy on material things is called idolatry. Sounds a little more serious than a non-offensive word like obsession, doesn’t it? It should sound more serious. We Americans are so worried about not hurting people’s feelings that we’ve slowly begun to use ‘softer’ words – words that mask what things really are. People get used to the soft words, and then they forget what they really mean. And after all, most people have an obsession of some kind. It’s hard to want to believe that they might not be healthy. But they are.

Too much salt can be very detrimental health-wise. Too much food (let’s admit it) will make you overweight. Too much air outside you would exert too much pressure on you, and you would implode. Hey, even water is lethal if you get too much of it! See, even life’s necessities are meant to be had in moderation. How much more so should our pleasures be!

God never intended for any of His creations to rule our minds and lives. When we allow the things of this world to come first in the list of priorities, our entire lives can be turned up-side-down. Slowly, it is true, but there is a definite change. Things just don’t work when a material thing is on ruling with an iron hand. And let’s face it – there is only One who is worthy to rule our lives. There is only One who deserves all our affections, all our energy, all our time, all our thoughts.

Reminds me of a song. The lyrics go like this:

“Give me one pure and holy passion

Give me one magnificent obsession

Give me one glorious ambition for my life

To know and follow hard after You


To know and follow hard after You

To grow as Your disciple in the truth

This world is empty pale and poor

Compared to knowing You my Lord

Lead me on and I will run after You”

Isn’t that beautiful? Out of all the possible obsessions you can have, this…this is truly the highest of all obsessions. And I want this. I don’t want to be obsessed with dragons, or daggers, or drawing, or even my writing, the thing I feel made to do. Because if Christ is not my first and highest priority, then the dragons and daggers and drawing and writing are meaningless. When it comes to ruling my life, they pale in comparison to the Creator of All. I want to be obsessed with my God. Because that is truly a magnificent obsession.

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5 thoughts on “I Want to be Obsessed

  1. Kat Crawford

    Amen girl!

  2. Jo Steckly

    Good thought for the week!

  3. Great post 😀
    I LOVE that song! I was actually planning to write up a post that centers around that song sometime in the near future!

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