The Tragedy of Fame

Thinking about celebrities is depressing, you know? There’s probably a reason I don’t do it very much – besides the fact that they just don’t interest me. But I’m serious! Look at the empty life celebrities lead. On the TV screen they may be all glamor and smiles, but what about when they’re off the set? What about when nobody’s looking? (Or even when people are looking, actually. The news likes to report all the horrible affairs and other disgusting things celebrities get involved in.) I was watching the Pixar movie Cars recently and it reminded me about just how empty the life of fame is. Empty of joy.  It’s so sad how spiritually broken these people are!

I mean, seriously, think about it. They have every material thing they could ever want. Millions of screaming fans, more money than I could even comprehend, anything and everything the world has to offer. But sometimes I wonder if their smiles on stage mock them bitterly. If those screaming fans leave them desperately wishing they were as happy as the fans believe they are. Is it any wonder that in desperation they turn to every kind of immorality? Is it any wonder that so many glittering careers end in suicide or drug overdose? It’s easy to hold celebrities in utter contempt because of their immorality, but consider – they are just very lost human beings who just want to be happy, and sought their joy in the wrong place. Can we really be surprised at their broken lives?

I have to wonder…is God more disgusted or broken-hearted by Hollywood? Does He hate the atrocities that come forth from it, or does He grieve for the many, many lost souls trapped in evil? Does not God love even – brace yourselves – Justin Bieber? (Just for the record, I don’t know anything about him and his music besides the reputation he has abroad. 😉 ) I know it sounds crazy. But isn’t he a human too? Isn’t he desperate for fulfillment? Doesn’t God long for him to find hope? Maybe we should stop plain detesting celebrities and remember that they too are loved by God and beautiful in His sight. And who knows, maybe Hollywood is a ripe mission field!

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