Wedding Bell Blues

In two weeks, my oldest sister is getting married and moving all the way to Georgia. (My days, where did the time go?) I have to admit, her courtship and engagement have been a little hard for me. She’s been my roommate for as long as I can remember, and she’s always looked after me and talked with me about our writing, and laughed with me, and had insult matches with me, and drawn pictures with me, and advised me, and…you get the picture. We’ve been pals for pretty much forever. (At least she was my pal. I may have been more of a nuisance to her for the first few years. *Laughs*)

So it was a little rough to have her suddenly, ah, fall in love. Suddenly there was someone besides me to talk with late into the night (on the phone where I couldn’t listen in – the horror!), and less time for us to be together. And then suddenly there came the engagement. I honestly cried the night I heard about it. (Considering I was at STEP at the time, my poor leaders had to deal with me bawling about it. 😛 )

But guess what! Surprise, surprise, Camille isn’t mine to keep. In fact, she never really was mine. True, she is my sister, but she’s not mine if you take my meaning. She’s God’s. And since she’s His, He has a right to do with her as He pleases, right? Even when it doesn’t quite line up with what I want. God’s blessed me with almost seventeen years to spend with Camille, and I should be thankful for them instead of wishing she wasn’t going so far away. God’s opening the door to an incredible new adventure for Camille, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for her. And while I’m at it, maybe I should get over my fear of phones in case she ever gets bored and wants to talk to her favorite little Honey Duck again. *Skips away*

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Bell Blues

  1. Jo Steckly

    I’m glad you girls have a close relationship. It will be harder to see her moved so far away, but its nice knowing that she’s only a phone call away!

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