Sunrises and the Little Things

Sunday morning I got up early to do my devotions…and realized with that awful sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach that here it was Sunday already and I didn’t have anything to write for the blog. God had always given me something, and now here I was without a clue what to say. But I knew He hadn’t forgotten me, so I asked Him if He would show me what to say. And then I did my devotions and forgot about the blog. That was at 5:45.

At approximately 7:00 Noelle found me and declared that there was a beautiful sunrise, and I had to go see it. I wasn’t much in the mood, but I went upstairs and looked out the kitchen window. The sky was heavy with deep blue clouds, but in two places on the horizon a brilliant pink had burned through the cloud cover in gorgeous living color, lighting what would have been a dreary morning with its own special glory.

My dad came and stood behind me to watch the sky. “Isn’t it neat how God made us able to enjoy beauty?” he said, “We could look at that sunrise and say ‘Oh look, the sun is hitting the curvature of the earth and those clouds, making the sky turn pink’ and think nothing of it, but instead we look and we go ‘Wow, look at the beautiful sunrise!’ ”

I thought that over, and wondered…isn’t it even neater that God made beauty? Why does God bother with sunrises, making a unique one every single morning, when few people are awake to appreciate them? Why does He create beautiful galaxies and supernovas that are so far away that we humans can’t even see them? Why does He create gorgeous underwater caverns filled with crystalline formations that humans don’t even find? Why does He fashion so many intricate designs in each individual snowflake? Why does He always give a clumsy 16-year-old something to write for her blog? Why does He bother? The answer returned as clear as a bell: Because He can. He makes even the tiniest thing beautiful because He can.

That just blew me away, because it gave me a tiny picture of just how huge God is. I mean, He made millions of unique and beautiful things that few humans, if any, have seen, and so many more that we will never see, just because He could. Wow… And you know, every one of them glorifies God. No matter how short the lifespan of the flower or the bird or the insect, or how far the galaxy is away, or how humanly inaccessible the underwater cavern, every single one of them gives glory to God. They don’t just give Him glory when they turn the observing humans to God. They glorify Him whether or not we ever discover them. That’s how big He is. That’s how awesome He is!

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