Looking at the Sky

Recently I overheard someone say they didn’t think I “ever stopped to look at the sky”. I was miffed at first, and made sure it was known that I did indeed look at the sky. Watching the sky is one of my favorite things to do, and how dare she think I didn’t do it?

Aaaand then I got time to think about it. (Just for the record, seriously considering people’s accusations is a really bad habit if you’re trying to harbor resentment. XD I’m just saying.) As I contemplated, I remembered that it wasn’t so very many weeks ago that I went out with Noelle to do chores and I rushed her because I had something I wanted to do – completely bypassing the fact that she was being slow because the sky was clear and bright and every star had shown up for the occasion. The Milky Way arched through them like a highway in the sky, perhaps to pave the way for the moon. She wanted to take her sweet time and enjoy the beauty of the night, and there I was with my petty plans trying to hurry her up.

Yes, I get so focused on what I’m doing that I forget to appreciate life. Sometimes I just need to back away and stop. Homework, drawing, and writing will probably always follow close on my trail (at least the homework feels that way), but what’s really important? I only have one chance to live on this earth, and the last thing I want is to look back and realize I lived it wrong. Yes, the homework is important (finals are next week!) but there’s life all around me that is even more important. Indeed, it often barges into my room wielding a scimitar or a gun and asking to be played with. (The penalty for refusing, is of course decapitation or being turned into a piece of Swiss cheese.) Heaven forbid my school should become more important than my brother!

Sometimes I have to decide that life matters more than schedules. Sometimes it’s okay to give up studies for the antsy eight-year-old waiting for me beside the Lego box. And sometimes I just need to slow down and look at the sky.

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4 thoughts on “Looking at the Sky

  1. Heather

    I too have had to slow down, and since I have, I am positive that I will probably not miss out so much on life…siblings are fun enjoy them. I am a mommy and a wife, so I have to remind myself everyday what is important, I know writing is important to me, but my other world comes to life after my sons bed time! I spend as much time as I can with him and I spend time with my husband in the evenings, but he is supportive of my writing and encourages me to keep doing it. So always remember to take your time in life or you might just miss out on precious moments. 🙂


  2. Tsahraf

    I am usually looking at a made up sky, and should take more time to look at the sky that inspired it.

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