Tell a Tale of Royalty in Disguise by Camille Esther

And now it’s time for adoring rants with Calista, the part of the show (blog) where Calista comes out and gives an adoring rant. *Wink* (And for those who haven’t picked this up, Camille is my sister – hence the adoration.)

War doesn’t seem too imminent to princess Diantha as she deals with the daily troubles of keeping herself in check. But war seems much closer when a new servant is accused of spying. Or is the real peril to be found in a single spy? As the truth emerges, the real threat manages to strike the first blow, and Diantha finds herself masquerading as a maid in the quest to free her brother from the malevolent mastermind behind the growing conflict. Will this man’s bid for a kingdom be struck down? And, just as importantly, will he ever be caught?

This is Camille’s first published work, and I can proudly say that I was the first to read it (besides herself…) Yes, I devoured each chapter as she finished typing it out. And loved every bit of it. And it’s not just because I’m her proven faithful little fan, either. Camille has some serious writing talents. She creates loveable characters, detestable characters, sly, sneaky, slippery characters…You get the idea. 😉 She made me laugh out loud countless times, and cry, and then laugh again. And I’m completely serious – I’ve read that book three times and it still moves me. (I made the mistake of reading it during finals week. It’s very hard to study when you can’t tear yourself away from a book.)

While there are a few things I noticed that could have used some improvement, this book is definitely a worth-while read. I highly recommend it. Oh, and by the way, in case you haven’t noticed, see that link up at the top right of the page? Yes, that one. The one that says ‘Tell a Tale of…’ Click on it. (You know you want to!) Just in case people didn’t notice, that is a page where I will be putting Camille’s books as they get published. It has a link to the amazon page. So go buy her book. 😉

(There now, Camille, have I fulfilled my duty as your adoring little sister?)

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