If Kids Came in a Cereal Box

When I was little I always read the nutrition panels on the cereal boxes during breakfast. (Hey, I read a lot of things. Including the warning stickers on the water heater in the bathroom.) I guess the fascination with the nutrition panels on cereal boxes stayed with me because a thought occurred to me recently (meaning, sometime in the past year, and I only just sat down to write it out). If little kids came in cereal boxes, what would the nutrition panels say? “High in energy content” “Good source of patience” “Produces joy”?

It’s easy to get annoyed when one’s little sibling does things. (Like asking to be played with about every fifteen minutes until you finally do play with him. It’s like a snooze button or something.) It’s easy to forget to appreciate him. It’s easy to take for granted the fact that God probably gave me my brother to develop the fruits of the Spirit in me. Yep, my little brother is very nutritious, gunshot wounds and all. Spiritually nutritious. (Even though it sounds funny.) He can teach me just about as much as I can teach him…even when it is accidental on his part.

And after all, he’s not all guns and death and leaving LEGOs underfoot. He’s a sweet little guy who loves giving, and loves hugs. I’ve been sick for the past week or so and while I had a fever he kept me company in my room and offered me his special candy (which, although not a healthy thing to do since it was Nerds and those are like pure sugar, it was very sweet of him because he and I both love them). It’s days like this that remind me how much I’m missing out on when I’m impatient with him or brush him off. My little brother is a treasure, and I should cherish the time God has given me to be with him, no matter how many swordfights and shootings and sore throats from reading it means from me. He’s worth it. 🙂

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