365 Days

Or a year. Whichever you prefer. The point being that on January 12 of 2013 a weird little writer started a blog named Blotches and Blunders. A year ago. Yeah. I actually managed to write and post consistently for a whole year. Pretty cool!

When I first started blogging, my fear was that I would run out of interesting things to talk about. And quite honestly, if I hadn’t decided that this blog was for God’s glory and not mine, I probably would have. But it’s been incredible to me to see how God has always given me something to post about every week – sometimes He gives me more than one idea and I have to strain my brain trying to choose between them. (Oh, the torments of an indecisive person!)

God is so good! Ya’ll, don’t ever forget that. Something that He delights in reminding me is just how faithful He is. He always comes through, He always gives me what I need, and He cares about the tiniest, most insignificant-looking details. He leaves nothing to chance. And He does the same for every single one of you. Isn’t that so amazing? I love how huge our God is! I pray that in the coming year you always remember it. 🙂

P.S. Thank you so much for patiently reading whatever I have the audacity to post. I really appreciate you all. Won’t you join me for another year of ramblings and ponderings and story excerpts and blotches and blunders?

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