A Follow-up on Prayer

Well, it’s been over a week now since my prayer journal/notebook has been revived, and I’m rather enjoying using it. It’s amazing what a difference just one week of consistent prayer time can make! I feel like my whole mind is being rearranged and the cobwebs and dust swept out. It’s really an amazing feeling!

So, what have I learned about prayer this week? I’ll try to take a count…

1. Prayer gives me a way to release all my feelings in a healthy way, to the only One who can really help me fix them. I mean, people can listen to me rant all they want, and give me advice all they want, and it will help for a while, but God’s there to listen to me 24/7, and He created me, so He knows a lot better how to fix me. And as an extra plus, venting to God saves my poor journal from having me vent in it instead. Seriously. I pity it for all the weeeeeird entries it regularly receives.

2. Prayer makes me happier. Really, you can’t get much simpler than that. Spending actual quality time with God just has a way of lifting my spirits, no matter what mood I was in when I started.

3. Prayer makes the day go smoother. It just seems to put everything in the proper perspective, so even if things do go wrong, they don’t look as huge or terrible as they would otherwise.

4. Prayer reduces anxiety and stress. See, I have this tendency to wake up in the morning remembering things that are stressing me out. But when I give them up to God first thing in my prayer-time, they vanish, and they don’t come back as often to bother me. (And ha, as soon as they do, I can chase them away again. 😉 ) Giving God my anxieties first thing in the morning starts the day on a much more peaceful and relaxing level, which I really appreciate.

I’m sure there were more, but that’s all I can come up with at the moment. (Give me a break, I’m already late in posting this and I have schoolwork to do…) So, those are some of the things I’m discovering about prayer.

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