A Little Late…

It occurred to me that I neglected to post as usual over the weekend! *Gasp horror* I didn’t mean to forget, but somehow I just kept having things I needed to do and I never got around to it. So sorry!

So lately I’ve been thinking about goats. (We have four adorable babies bouncing around the premises. Who could help but think about them?) When we go out to feed them in the morning all the goats start hollering at us from their various pens. (Especially the bottle babies. For some reason they always seem hungry… What’s with that?) As I pass the billy goat pen I promise them that I’m going to feed them – and then walk in the opposite direction to feed the does. To them it looks like I’m blatantly breaking my promise, and they keep hollering. And then when I go to get hay pellets for the billies, I have to walk past the dog that is wagging her tail and begging, so of course I promise her that I’ll feed her too. And don’t alter my course at all. She watches me get the hay pellets for the goats and probably things that I have no intention whatsoever of feeding her.

You know, sometimes I think that’s how we view God. We all come to Him begging for things we need, and then watch Him bless other people while we’re sitting over here still waiting and wondering if He’s forgotten about us. Just because He’s answering someone else’s prayer and doesn’t seem to have noticed yours does not mean He’s forgotten you. Trust me, He heard you. Sometimes He just lets us wait a while for an answer. 

It’s okay to wait a while. God’s timing always works out even when it doesn’t seem to fit our schedules. He doesn’t miss deadlines, He doesn’t turn in late work, and He doesn’t forget to feed his flock. So don’t despair because He seems to be taking too long. Waiting is often merely a blessing in disguise.

So yep. There is my belated and disjointed thought of the week. 😀 God bless!

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