So lately I’ve been thinking about the parable of the servants and the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). It’s a little long to put the whole text in here, but basically a master is leaving home and before he goes he entrusts his three servants with one, two, and five talents, each according to their ability. He expects them to invest the money and make a profit while he’s gone, and two of them do but the third one doesn’t, and blah blah blah we all know the story. Get on with it, Calista.

I’ve been thinking and pondering, and I’ve decided that the story doesn’t use the word ‘talents’ for nothing. After all – that’s what the Master has given us to invest and use while He is gone! Talents. Abilities. Some have five or six (and some seem to have about a million, at least to those of us who aren’t that fortunate), and some have only one or two. The number is not the point, and shouldn’t  matter to us. What matters is what we do with them.

See, two of the servants put their talents to use and worked hard while the Master was away. And one didn’t. The two were rewarded, the one rebuked. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to end up like the one that was rebuked! So what should we be doing? Well, what are we best at? Whether it’s painting or singing or running or serving or whatever – that is a gift, and it deserves to be used. God gave us gifts for a reason – so that we could use them to glorify Him – and we can’t just let them sit neglected by the wayside.

So, I guess the question I’ve been asking myself is this: What are my strongest talents, and what am I doing to cultivate them and use them for God’s glory? When the Master returns – and He will – what account will I be able to give of the talents He invested in me?

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