The Outsider

So it’s 9:48 PM as I write this. I was heading to bed when I remembered I hadn’t posted yet this weekend and probably wouldn’t have time tomorrow. (It was a lovely weekend. I actually finished my school early so I didn’t have assignments waiting for me to finish on Saturday! You would think I would have used that extra time to write a blog post, but I felt lazy and didn’t have a clear idea of precisely what I wanted to lecture on, so I eventually decided to share this thingamabob that isn’t really a poem but I call it one anyway. But I’m getting ahead of myself and making a very long parenthetical statement, so. Here’s a little peek inside my self-proclaimed hermit-like brain. Good night, all.)


The Outsider


Do you ever feel like you’re on the outside?
That you’re standing outside a cold stone wall
That no one will admit is even there.
Inside you can hear laughter
And the people seem so happy.
Well, do you ever feel
Like the one locked outside that gate?
Where your only companion is the wind
Howling at your loneliness;
And the darkness laughs at you:
“Why aren’t you inside?”
And the only answer you know
Is that you don’t belong with them.
Do you ever wonder
If anyone else really cares about anything?
Do they understand the deeper things,
Or are they really as shallow
As the puddles in the road;
Muddy and useless for anything good?
Do you ever think
Your only friend is yourself;
That the only one that understands
Is you?
Well, I do.




For those who feel like the Outsider, you’re not as alone as you feel, and I hope that you will not always feel alone. 🙂

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