Brief and Belated Thunk on Threadery

So, I’m late again! That seems to have become the norm… I have been busy though. *Nodnod* ANYWHO! Today’s thunk is pretty short. I’ve been watching Noelle do a cross-stitch thingy (What do you call those things anyways?) Looking at the front and the back of the cross-stitch thingy brought up a little analogy of sorts. Ready? Good. Be amazed. (That was sort of sarcastic, by the way.)

So, our lives are like a cross-stitch. All the different-colored little threadies come in here and there and cross over there and mix in the middle, working together to create a masterpiece. The Master creating it can see the logic and the design of it, because He is the one creating it. But we, on the other hand, can only view it from the back, unless He should decide to give us a glance of the grand design. And from the back, it doesn’t always make sense. The threads make really weird shapes on the back of a cross-stitch (because they make an ‘x’ on the front, so the back is weird), and sometimes there are spidery black threads that overlap other colors and make the whole thing look hopelessly messy. But that’s because we can only see the back. If we could see the front, we would understand that those black threads are outlining beautiful patterns.

Just goes to show that we can’t see the whole picture from down here on Earth. We just have to trust that Someone Else does. 🙂

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