Off on an Adventure!

Hello again! (*Snerk* And now do you like my hat?) Guess what? It’s almost June again. Like, June is tomorrow. (How did that happen? I’ve been waiting for it for FOREVER and then suddenly it popped its nose around the corner and glomped me. Kinda weird.) What does June mean? It means my blog will be going on vacation for four weeks while I go on an adventure (no, I’m not going as a furry-footed hired burglar). I’m leaving early this morning (Haha, gotta love the ability to schedule posts ahead of time!) and I won’t be home until June 28 or 29. Never sure which.

Anyways! I’m going to be attending STEP Advanced this year, hence I’ll be gone, hence this blog post. What’s that? It’s the advanced version of the camp I went to last June. There will be more scripture memory, more sweating in the Texas heat, leadership training, rock climbing, rustic camping, hiking, that fun stuff. Yay!

Once again, if you would like to contact me, I will have no internet. You’re more than welcome (read that as encouraged via the irresistable puppy eyes) to write me a letter at:

IAA attn: STEP Calista Holmes
One Academy Blvd
Big Sandy, TX 75755

Or by e-mail at

Note: As this is the ALERT e-mail, you have to put my name (Calista Holmes, not Calista Beth, mind) as the subject, and they will print it off to give to me. (And if you happen to include your mailing address, I might manage to drop you a line or two if I have time.)

Fare thee well! Have a splendiferous June and don’t get sunburned or eaten by dragons while I’m away, and don’t eat all the licorice and smarties while I’m not looking either, because in any of the abovementioned instances I shall be seriously disappointed upon my return. 😉

So long, farewell, aufweiderzein, goodbye!

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