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Now to Unpack Again…

I’m home! Wow, what a month. I don’t even know where to begin. God used STEP  Advanced to challenge me on pretty much every level possible. I’ll probably share several things He taught me over the course of the next few weeks, but I wanted to mention one that was kind of cool…

Sooo, one night during the first week at STEP I was talking with my group leader, and she mentioned that she thought I was a little insecure. I still wonder if she had any idea how right-on she was about that. *Rolls eyes* *Cough* Anyways. Over the course of the conversation (well, she did most of the talking and I did all of the crying, so I don’t know if it was technically a conversation) she suggested that I needed to find my security in Christ, and who He said I was. She encouraged me to study the New Testament to see what God said about me.

On a whim, somehow I came up with the idea to read the entire New Testament in the month of June (I have 17 pages to go), and write down all the verses I found that said who I was. It’s been amazing! During STEP I took my Bible with me everywhere (love backpacks! Very handy for that) and read it in my spare time. I even got up a little early on the weekends to read it. And I discovered that the more I read God’s word, the more I wanted to read it. I don’t know if it’s cured my insecurity yet, but we’re workin’ on that.

And now for the really cool part. *Grin* We (that is, all of the STEP Advanced girls) went on a rustic camping trip, taking pretty much only whatever we could fit in our backpacks. That evening, after camp was all set up and stuff, I decided to take off my nametag (see above picture) and put it somewhere safe so it wouldn’t fall off and get lost or something. (If you come to STEP you’ll find out that nametags are important. Let’s just say they’re necessary in the dining hall because if you don’t have your nametag you won’t be doing any dining there.) Okay, so I took the nametag off and looked for a safe place to put it. Being rather fond of it as I am, I wanted to put it somewhere that it wouldn’t get bent or messed up, because I wanted to save it when I got home. The first place I thought to put my nametag was in between the pages of my Bible. After all, if you put something between the pages of a book, you can be pretty sure it’ll stay flat, right?

It didn’t occur to me until later what I had done. I’d hidden my identity (nametag) in the Bible. Pretty cool, huh? God totally gave me a visual representation of what I should be doing on a regular basis, and it just blew me away. So there’s my little word of advice for the night. Hide your identity in God’s word, because that’s the one thing that you can count on being accurate. 🙂

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