Comfortable Mediocrity

Comfort zones. Oh, how easy it is to stay inside of them. Where it’s safe. Where it’s normal. Where it’s sane. Where I don’t have to do anything that scares me, or anything that’s the least bit more than I feel like doing at the moment. Where I can float along in cushy mediocrity and do my own thing. I like comfort zones. It’s nice to be safe, to have my little routines, to feel secure.


Apparently all of my goals are sitting on the other side of the borders of my comfort zone. And they’re waiting for me. This could be a problem. I want to write books that make a difference in people’s lives. I want to start an art business. I want to write and publish music. I want to reach out to the people around me. But it’s not comfortable! In fact, sometimes it’s downright scary. Like being on stage in front of a ton of people to give my testimony. Like striking up a conversation with a stranger. Like *gasp* sharing the deepest parts of me and putting them out where people can *sob* laugh at them.

But I haven’t found a single place in the Bible where God says that Christians are supposed to be comfortable. I’m pretty sure God wants His children to grow. And I’m pretty sure a cicada isn’t comfortable when it grows and bursts out of its old skin to reveal the new, so why do I expect it to be different for me?

One reason I really love going to STEP so much (Hey look, here’s some info on STEP Advanced! Clicky. You know you want to. *Grin*) is because it forces me out of my comfort zone constantly. This year it was stepping up (Haha, STEPping up. Sorry. It’s a common STEP joke….) and taking the lead more, sharing some personal stuff (or attempting to, as much as my blank brain would permit) in front of a video camera, giving a short testimony-thing in front of bunches of people at the graduation ceremony, co-leading a devotional… Actually, I’ll stop there, or we’ll be here all night. Anyhow. Let’s just say I had to get outside my comfort zone a great deal in June, shall we?

And you know what I found out? It’s not so very bad. There’s a thrill that comes from doing something new, from facing fears (no matter how petty). Getting outside my comfort zone can even feel pretty good. It’s just the fear leading up to the stepping out that is the hard part. Once I figured out I needed to place the fear in God’s hands and just do it, things turned out much better than I could have thought.

If I want to make an impact in this life, I can’t stay where I’m comfortable and secure, because nothing great ever happens there. (Trust me, I end up sitting around and reading and imagining what I could be doing instead of doing anything.) I’ve let my comfort zone be a place of confinement, of littleness, even…of mediocrity. And something that STEP encourages is to be bold and to reach out and escape that mediocrity. I don’t want to be too comfortable. I don’t want to get nothing done in my lifetime. I want to be bold. I want to dare to be daring. And I hope you do as well. There’s a joy that only comes from breaking out of the hum-de-da routine of life and doing something you’ve always been a little afraid of. Won’t you share that joy with me? Let’s get a little uncomfortable for once. There’s a world waiting to be reached. There’s a kingdom to be fought for. Let’s think daring thoughts, and go light our world!

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