He Doesn’t Make Me ‘Happy’

I once heard a pastor say that God speaks to us more than we want Him to, and I completely agree with that. He’s very good at convicting us when we don’t want Him to, and telling us to apologize or confess things that we would far rather squelch down inside and pretend never happened. Oh yeah, He’s reeeeally good at that. And I don’t usually like hearing Him talk about my sins. But the more I seek Him, the easier it is to hear Him, and the more He convicts me about stuff. Yayyyy.

Anybody that says to follow Christ because He will make them happy and comfortable is lying. 😛 The closer I follow Him the less comfortable I am and the more I have to do things that I really really don’t want to. He doesn’t make me ‘happy’.

He never promised He would.

He never promised I would be comfortable.

He did promise to stay with me. He did promise to forgive me when I mess up. He did promise to reward me in the life to come.

But He also expects me to trust and obey Him, even when I don’t like where He leads. Or when I’m scared to do something He tells me to do. Or when I’m tired of being convicted and having to deal with sin and just want to give up the fight.

And when I do trust Him and do obey Him, He gives me joy unspeakable. No, He doesn’t make me ‘happy’. ‘Happy’ is temporary. ‘Happy’ is too small. ‘Happy’ could never describe the tingling feeling that floods through me and makes me to jump up and yell or something crazy like that (and I might be crazy, but I don’t normally want to do loud or dramatic things like that). No, Christ doesn’t make me ‘happy’. But He fills me with joy. And He gives me courage and strength to push through things when I’m afraid. He promises to reward His faithful followers when eternity hits. I think He must also reward people who trust and obey Him in this life too. Because if His overwhelming joy isn’t a reward in and of itself, I don’t know what is. 🙂

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