My Current Challenge

The day before we came home from STEP Advanced (Don’t you just love how I always bring that up nowadays?) our Group Leader gave us each two books, one of which was Kept for the Master’s Use by Frances Ridley Havergal. Naturally, I read it. šŸ˜‰ Basically, Miss Havergal goes through the hymn Take My Life and Let it Be (which she wrote, by the way) and talks verse by verse, about what it would look like to actually literally give each aspect of our lives to God.

So I’ve been thinking. If God wants us to give Him every aspect of our lives (and I know He does), what would it look like to give Him my talents? (Well, I say talents. Really, they’re just the things I’m most interested in. I don’t presume to say I’m especially talented in those arenas, since I tend to err either on the side of self-criticism or pride. [Honestly, why is it so hard to find the healthy balance?]) By talents I mean my writing, drawing, singing, music (piano, ocarina, guitar), and sign language. (Not that sign language is necessarily a telent. But I did say that I was referring to my main interests as talents, and sign language is a main interest. So there.) What would it look like if I submitted each of those to Christ? What if I wrote everything – and I mean everything – all for Christ? What if I drew every picture for Christ? What if I sang, signed, and played music all for Him? What if?

Well, maybe I would spend more of my time focusing on blessing people with those talents instead of just enjoying them. Because when we submit totally to God we care more about blessing people than enjoying ourselves. When we submit totally to God we want to use every single tool we have for the Master’s use.

That’s the kind of person I want to be. (Although I sometimes wonder how I’m supposed to multitask to that extent….) I want to use every gift He’s given me for His service. So…that is my current challenge – to find ways to use them. Fun, ain’t it? *Grin*

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