Procrastination Monster

Sometimes it seems like every week has a different ‘theme’ to it. This week’s theme had to do with getting around to taking care of things that I had been procrastinating on. Procrastination is kind of weird. It latches onto the tiniest jobs that really aren’t all that much work, and makes you feel like you can’t possibly do them because you don’t feel like it.

But something I’ve been realizing lately is that procrastination is no laughing matter. It’s not just some harmless habit to pass off lightly. It’s a productivity-eating, time-wasting monster that keeps us from being all that God intended us to be. To make matters worse, it does all that with little to no effort because we usually make little to no effort to resist it.

I think that we tend to forget that time is not ours to waste. God has given the time to us so that we might steward it to the best of our ability. Our days on this earth are terribly limited, and no one can say when they will be over. Why do we waste them on putting off things that won’t take very long if we only set to work on them?

Something that God has been revealing to me over the summer is that my life lacks a sense of urgency. Christ could return any time, and I only have until then to reach out to the lost and do the work that He ordained for me. So why am I sitting back on my heels and waiting for a ‘better time’ to do it? I don’t have time to waste time.

So, I thought I would pass along my latest challenge. *Grin* What things do you tend to procrastinate on? I challenge you to tackle the big hairy Procrastination Monster and slay him. I’ll be doing the same on my end. Carry on, soldier!

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. ~ Ephesians 5:15-1

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