No Right

*Goes to dig up her definitions from last week’s post*

Absolute – unconditional, complete, having no deficiency, perfect, finished.

Surrender – the act of yielding or resigning one’s person or the possession of something, into the power of another; the surrender of a right or of claims.

Okay, here we go again. I want to look at one specific part of my conglomeration of definitions. It’s something I’ve been pondering off and on for some weeks now. That last bit – “The surrender of a right or of claims.” I’m reminded of a town surrendering to an army. When once they open those gates, the victorious army has full control of everything and everybody within that town. And the inhabitants have to take whatever their attackers decide to do to them, because they gave up all their rights when they surrendered.

It seems to me, that if you really want to achieve complete, absolute surrender, it has to include a surrender of rights. If you are really and honestly putting yourself completely into someone else’s hands (aka, surrendering) then you are giving them access to everything about you, and power to do whatever they see fit. Thus, absolute surrender to God ought to include a surrender of rights – all rights. Rights to health, wealth, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and, yes, life.

And He deserves our total surrender. He created us, and we only exist because He wants us to. He makes the sun rise every morning, and sustains the fragile planet we call home. And He sent His Son to come and live among us, be mistreated by us, His creation, and put to death by us, His creation. (That’d be like my story characters torturing and killing me… Odd thought.) We’re talking about the God of the entire Universe, who fashioned the stars and set the galaxies in place, who breathed life into mankind. (Cue the major awe-factor.) We’re less than nothing in comparison to His glory. In the presence of the Creator, we have no rights anyways. Considering Who He is, and who we are, He deserves our total surrender. He deserves our surrender of the rights we so tenaciously claim.

Interesting thing is, if you have no rights, you can’t really suffer wrong. (Love how words work out like that!) If you had no rights to begin with, they can’t be violated. (Muahaha, talk about confusing the enemy with that one…) And, if you have no rights, you can’t rightly (hah) get angry at anyone for things they do to you. o.O If you give up your right to be angry about how people treat you, then it makes total sense to turn the other cheek. As an extra plus, if you give up all your rights to God, you can’t get angry at Him about your circumstances either. And if you give up your rights to God, accepting life’s difficulties with joy makes total sense.

What happens when you give up your ‘right’ to the “American dream” of financial prosperity, cool technology, and lots of friends? What happens when you seek to please God with every aspect of your life, even if it means giving up things that normal people get to do or have? What happens when every single resource you own is available for God to use for the furtherance of His kingdom? What happens when you hand over your whole life to the Creator and decide to serve Him regardless of personal health, happiness, and physical prosperity?

Well, to me that sounds a lot like what the disciples and the early church did. And when they did it, God filled them with His power and did great things. I don’t know about you, but I think the results speak for themselves.

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