Live Like We’re Dying

Corrie Ten Boom wrote about one of her aunts, Tante Jans, who was dying and knew it. That knowledge spurred her on to use every last ounce of her energy in service to God.

And I wonder, what if I knew I was dying?

What if I only had a few months at most to live? How would I live those last pieces of my life? How much of my time would I waste on trivial things?

Truth is, no one has a guarantee of a long life; any one of us can die any day, and there’s nothing any one of us can do to change that. The only time we have assurance of is the here and now.

You could say it’s the only time we have to make a difference.

We can’t impact someone’s life in the future. We can’t touch a hurting heart “someday, somehow”. We can’t use our God-given gifts “eventually”. So we have to do it now. Like we’re dying.

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