Concerning Guidance and Stationary Objects

Kind of funny, I keep finding myself asking God to guide me in all these different areas of my life. It’s become a rather common phrase in my prayers. Oh yes, I want God’s guidance in my life. I want to do His will and bring Him glory and use my talents for His kingdom and be a blessing. I want Him to show me the hows and the whens and the wheres so I don’t mess up.

But there’s maybe a teeny little problem with that. I like to be prepared. I like to know things ahead of time so I don’t look silly. And too often it translates into me wanting Him to show me everything ahead of time.

Maybe I’ve forgotten what guides do. They go *with* the travelers and show them the way *as they’re going*. Not usually ahead of time. They might give a brief overview beforehand, but usually the nuts and bolts only come out on the way. Because you don’t need most of them before then. Maybe a few, but not most of them. If you think about it, having to sit down and memorize all the specifics ahead of time would be exhausting. Kind of takes the fun out of the journey, doesn’t it?

If God is our Guide, then why in the world do we expect Him to tell us every last detail when guides don’t usually do that? (Aren’t we silly humans?) Why should we think that we have to know the future in order to trust Him and start walking? In reality, I think more the opposite is really true: if we knew the entire future, we wouldn’t need to trust Him.

But there’s nothing wrong with wanting God’s guidance. Of course we should seek it! We just need to be willing to get moving before we see all of it. See, that’s another kink in guiding someone: you can’t steer a ship that’s got its anchor down. A ship can sail in any direction (even the wrong one), and as long as its moving you can change its course; but once it drops anchor that rudder won’t be much good. God can’t lead us if we’ve got our backsides planted in a beanbag and a bowl of popcorn by our side. It doesn’t matter how willing mentally we are to be led if we’re still sitting there crunching away. We have to get up and do something, even if we’re not quite sure what that something is yet. If we’re seeking His guidance, then He’ll course-correct for us as we go along.

Sometimes God uses trial and error to guide us, and I think if we’re secure in Him the error part won’t be too terrifying. Maybe. It still scares me. But seriously, if you’ve prayed and gotten advice and sought God’s will and there aren’t any red flags, just try it. Jump in, even if you’re not sure how deep the water is. If it’s not your particular cup of tea, you’ll figure it out, and at worst it’ll be an excellent learning experience (learning that error isn’t so very bad and you don’t have to be scared the next time you jump, maybe). At best, it just might be that you’ll discover that amazing thing you’ve always wanted to do but never knew how to get there. You can’t know if you don’t start moving.

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