Saying Yes

This past week did not at all go as I expected it would. I spent it as a counselor at a kid’s camp, and I admit I went there with some expectations based on last year’s experience. I didn’t expect to end up with a girl who had stomachaches for most of the week, or one who ended up with hand foot and mouth disease. I didn’t expect to end up with a group that struggled with the Bible quizzing and no time to help them learn the questions. I didn’t expect to wind up in chapel on Wednesday morning so discouraged about everything that I wished I could just quit and never come back. But I did.

Then in chapel we sang a song that I don’t normally care for too much. (I tend to be picky about contemporary Christian music.) Part of the chorus said, “We say yes to anything that You ask.” It struck me, because there I was in the middle of my chaos and stress, all because I chose to go to camp. I chose to put myself in that situation. I said yes to anything before I knew what that anything would entail. If I had known I’d get the ‘sickest cabin award’, I might not have gone.

Am I really willing to do anything God asks of me? Sometimes I have my little provisos. “Yes, as long as it’s not that.” I want to be willing to let God use me in any way at all, no matter what. I’m not there yet, but I want to be. I want to genuinely say yes to anything that He asks of me, no matter what it ends up being. Because, even if I end up with the sickest cabin award, that’s where I’ll find opportunities to comfort the one who’s crying about having to go to the doctor, or the one who’s terrified of thunderstorms, or the one who just doesn’t feel like she has any talents. It’s when I say yes to the challenges that He brings the opportunities to reach out and love through them. I don’t want to miss those opportunities.

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