Emotion with a Mission

Have you noticed how people like to get ‘worked up’ these days? Americans especially, it seems. We feed off of the latest scandals and shocking videos. We get all fired up and post paragraph upon paragraph of Facebook or blog rants about some horrific thing… And then eventually the emotion of the event wears off and we go back to our normal routine and think nothing more of it until something new pops up. Repeat. Does it ever bother you? We’re so free about hotly broadcasting opinions about issues, but we rarely ever do anything to fix the issues. (Guilty…And just this week I got reminded of that fact yet again. *Sigh*)

Several years ago we as a family listened to a Chip Ingram series on emotions; Chip talked about how emotions are not inherently good or bad, but what we decide to do with them can make them one or the other. Anger, he explained, is not bad, but often we allow it to become bad by our reactions. Yet anger can also prod us to action in order to change what made us angry. (Take Jesus driving the money changers out of the temple for example.) I was thinking this evening, and I believe the same is true of basically any emotion.

Emotions should not control us, but they should drive us to take action in a positive manner. Do you feel strongly about starving kids in Africa? That emotion should drive you to take some positive step towards tangibly making a difference in that area. Do you feel strongly about Planned Parenthood selling parts of aborted babies? Then find a way to make a difference. See what I’m getting at? I believe God gave us emotions partly in order to drive us to act. If we never felt horrified about anything, we would never motivate to change it.

So here’s my question – what do you feel strongly about, and what are you doing to change the situation? It could be anything, even something as small as finding a way to fill in the potholes that drive you insane when you have to drive around them constantly. (I need to look into an affordable source of gravel…) You don’t have to start big. Start with the smaller ones and it will become a part of your character so that you are more able to act on the bigger ones. But at least start. Please don’t just rant on Facebook. (Now pardon me while I go research where to find gravel.)

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