“Without Ceasing”

Those are some of my favorite times – those three-and-a-half-hour drives with just him and me, and the prospect of a week of the same at the other end of the drive. When it’s just us, and we can talk or not, just as we please. It’s one of my favorite ‘traditions’ – to spend the week with just my dad in the state capitol, whether it’s hanging out in his office or trailing along to committees (I hate trying to spell that word) or riding with him to the various and sundry dinner receptions wherewith legislators are generally fed too well and too much. I love the capitol building and the people that work there, but even most of all I love the one-on-one time with my dad that happens when we’re driving. I love the open atmosphere that whispers I’m welcome to strike up a conversation if I feel like it. I love it when we pass by a hang glider getting launched and he explains the physics behind it to me.

This morning we discussed prayer in Sunday School, and someone brought up 1 Thessalonians 5:17. (“Pray without ceasing.”) As I was thinking about what it means to pray continually, it brought to mind memories of riding in the car with my dad. It seems to me that ‘praying continually’ can be like that. We’re going on a journey together with God. Spending time in each other’s presence along the way, taking time to discuss the events of life as they pass by, listening as He teaches us about them, explaining to us how it works. I wonder if praying without ceasing is really more this open conversational attitude between Creator and created, in which nothing is too small or too great to mention and discuss as we travel along the path of life, while we anticipate eternity together at the other end of it. What’s your take on it?

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