Sweet Nothings

This past week has been a little crazy. (Naturally, can it be anything but crazy when you throw learning to drive a stick shift into the mix of things? 😉 I’m mostly kidding. The stick shift hasn’t been that bad.) Emotionally I think I’ve been just about everywhere at some point in the week, and I’m not necessarily sure why. (So please don’t ask.) But the one thing that kept sticking out to me this week was the little blessings. One of my coworkers calls them “Godwinks”. You know, the little things that cheer you up or remind you that He’s taking care of you. My personal definition of “Godwinks” is anything that we humans think is too small for Him to care about. I got a lot of them this week. Whether it was Him giving me the courage to open my mouth when I would have rathered not say anything, or just bringing the ring I ordered on that particular day to surprise me and make me smile.

Friday morning during my devotions time I realized something: God loves me in the little things. We talk about love being an action; well, that’s how God loves us. It’s by caring about not just the big important things, but every teeny little detail that we adults tend to think is too stupid to ask Him about. He doesn’t just take care of the necessities and call it good, like a grudging caretaker. He arranges the little things to bless us as His way of whispering sweet nothings in our ears like a devoted lover. So I asked myself this question: How can I do anything less than love Him back with all the little things in my life? If nothing is too small for His notice, then shouldn’t I be seeking to make every infinitesimal thing I do be an act of love to my Savior?

Love isn’t just warm fuzzies, whether it’s love for fellow humans or for God. Love is always tied up in action, and I think that’s how we love Him. We don’t just love Him by spending time with Him on a regular basis. We love Him by consciously acting in a way that would please Him, even if it’s in a small thing that we’re tempted to think “doesn’t really matter”. If a sparrow cannot fall without His notice, do you think He doesn’t see the little things? He does, obviously, because He constantly gives us little things that “don’t matter” to brighten our day and remind us that He loves us. Our little things matter for the same reason, and we should be constantly giving Him little things that “don’t matter” but brighten His day and remind Him how very much we love Him.

So what are the little things you can give Him to show Him you love Him? Is it putting down that comic paper that you like to read but that ends up giving you a negative sense of humor/attitude? (Real life example, by the way.) Is it choosing to smile and talk to the cashier instead of just paying for your purchase and leaving? Is it choosing not to let something annoy you and drag you into a bad mood? Is it biting back that sarcastic comment that you know would make some people laugh but would hurt the person you said it about? How are you and I ‘whispering sweet nothings’ back to Him?

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Nothings

  1. lovelimess

    I’m reading these blogs. lol

    • Thanks for reading! If they bless you, feel free to comment and let me know, or share them with others. I’d love to hear how God uses my small words. 🙂

  2. Opheliaza

    Thank you for this today, Milly. ❤

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