Do you ever want to skip the little jobs because they’re just “fine” without being done? I really struggle with that, especially when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning is not by any means my favorite thing. (Actually, most things that a “good” housewife does aren’t my favorite things. Good thing I’m not married, heh.) On Tuesday I was cleaning up after hours at my job and I checked the coffee grinder area to see how it looked. For some reason static electricity likes to fling the grounds every which way, and it tends to be a mess. At the moment it didn’t look too terrible. I mean, there was coffee on the counter, but it was nothing like usual, so it was fine, right? I almost walked away, and then this thought poked me, “It’s fine, yes, but is it excellent?” The next thought was a snippet from one of those Sunday School-type songs – “Be excellent at what is good…” It stopped me in my tracks. I gave in, cleaned up the grounds like usual, and then drove home pondering what had just happened.

The fine vs. excellent thought kept coming back to me throughout the rest of the week, bugging me when I was tempted to skip little things. It bothered me when I was cleaning the shower and wanted to skip the grungy shelves because they’re so annoying to clean. “It’s not excellent! It’s not excellent!” I think God is working on my habit of laziness/procrastination. Somewhere along the way, I remembered Colossians 3:17 which says,

“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

Whatever you do. Doesn’t matter if it’s topping off the goat water tank before it’s desperate for a refilling or doing your best on an assignment you have to turn in. How would you like for Jesus to come and take a look at it, and you’ve only done a “fine” job on it? I think that being “excellent at what is good” doesn’t just refer to the big things in life. It applies to the everyday tasks just as much. We should practice living life with excellence in every area, consciously choosing to go the extra mile and do things well. It’s not a gift that some have and some don’t. It’s simply a constant choice, which trait you want to build into your character, laziness, or excellence. We all want to be known as excellent, but what do our choices say about us? I know for sure I need to practice choosing better.

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