Not About Me

We live in a world that’s full of comparing and competing. You have to be better than her or you have to be the best at that. We live in a world that’s sending the message that our worth is based on us being better at something than someone else is. If you’re feeling a little down, you’re supposed to find someone who’s worse than you at something and give yourself a pat on the back. But the funny thing is…

This whole life – it’s not about me.

What a relief! It’s not about who’s better at different activities. If it was I’d be sunk because my oldest sister is an extremely talented writer, and I can’t even dream of writing as well as she does. And while I’m probably better at drawing than some people, others totally cream me at Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. But who cares? It’s not about me. I’m not the point of my own existence, and therefore, what’s the point in comparing other people with me? That’s not what this is all about. 

Not that we have a pointless existence, but our existence is to point to Someone else. It’s about God. Everything, from whether or not I make eye contact and smile at the cashier to whether or not I go to college to whether or not I give up everything I own to go and live overseas and hunt lost souls, is about God. All this wonderful, beautiful, crazy, heartbreaking existence is for Him. To please Him because I’m doing what He created me to do, regardless of who does it better or worse than me. That’s what it’s about. There’s so much freedom in knowing that none of this is about me, but God. And I think that’s where true confidence comes from: knowing that it doesn’t matter whether I look silly or mess up or fall down from time to time, because it’s about running after God with everything I have, and knowing that when I do what He made me to do and do it with all my heart for His glory, He smiles. So who cares where I measure compared to other people?

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