Now and Later

The problem with dreams is they often take years to accomplish. Even though I know what I want to do my goals seem far-off and only semi-real because they’re set in the future. After I do this or that, then I will reach my dream. Of course. And it will be great, and all that fluffy stuff.

Here’s the thing: God didn’t give us our special dreams and goals just for later. It’s not enough to assume that later will come and then we will get to do what we were made for. If tomorrow the world comes to an end will you be okay with that, knowing that you already lived your dream and you already did what God put you on the earth to do? Or will you feel disappointed or guilty because you never did it?

God never promised us a later; He only gave us a now. If you woke up breathing today you have a now. So the question is, what are you going to do with your now? If tomorrow never comes, how can you live out your dream or your “someday ministry” on a small scale today? What are the key aspects of your “someday ministry” that you can incorporate into what you do with your family, or how you go about work, or how you fill your free time, or what you say to the person behind the cash register? If tomorrow never comes (and it’s not guaranteed that it will), what will you be glad you did today?

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