The Cost of Treasuring

As I’ve been appreciating the clouds over the past few days the analogy between clouds and hardship has reminded me of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Just as the most beautiful skies are the result of clouds, the greatest and most precious gift of all time came at the greatest and most painful cost.

The most beautiful things come with hardship, and the most valuable things come at a cost. That is why we treasure them, because we recognize either the sacrifice we had to make to gain it or the sacrifice someone else made in order to give it to us. And I wonder… would we treasure God’s gift of salvation had it not come at some cost to Him? Had He not undergone such utter horrors for our sake, would we see any value in the salvation He offers us?

Like a vehicle needs maintained, treasuring God’s gift requires work on our part. And it can be hard. It’s no fun to drag yourself out of bed earlier than your body wanted and struggle to focus and read His word and spend time with Him in quiet and prayer. I certainly fail at that time and time again. But isn’t that what you do when someone gives you a valuable gift? You treasure it. You maintain it. You take time and effort to keep it in good condition. I never want to stop treasuring God’s gift to me.

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