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Jumping In

The little girl clung to the railing as she pulled one little foot up and hauled herself to the top. She scooted to the end of the board, one finger between her teeth, and hazarded a glance down over the edge. Daddy reached his hands up to her from the water below.

“It’s okay, baby; I’ll catch you!”

The water looked deep. Even Daddy couldn’t reach the bottom. It was such a long way down! She screwed her eyes shut as her lower lip began to quaver.

“I’m scared!” she wailed.

“I’ll catch you, I promise. It’s okay, baby; you can do it!”

She peeked over the edge again. Daddy was very strong and he always took good care of her. She bit her lip and inched closer to the edge. Daddy wasn’t scared of the water. Before she could change her mind, she sucked in a deep breath and plunged over the edge. Her heart leaped into her throat with a little squeal as she fell and ended with a splash as she landed in her daddy’s arms. The water got all in her eyes and nose and she coughed.

“Are you okay?” Daddy asked. After a minute she looked up into his face. Her eyes shone. 

“Daddy, can we do it again?”


I mentioned last time about how God’s been leading me to give more than I’m comfortable with. He’s continued to challenge me more through this week, reminding me about my prayers not to let my tight financial situation make me stingy, and asking me if I trust Him enough to give even more yet. I feel just like the little girl on the diving board, looking over the edge, not sure what will happen when I hit the water. But I know that my heavenly Daddy is waiting for me, and He always catches me. As I jump into His arms, I’m reminded that living in obedience is, yet again, the most exhilarating thing. And when the terror of the moment subsides, I find that it was actually quite fun.

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Where He’s Been Working

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I apologize. I’ve bounced from busy-gone to no-internet and back again, and the blog sort of slipped by the wayside. In spite of neglecting to post, I have, praise God, not been neglecting spending sweet time with Him, so I wanted to share a few of the things that He’s been working in my life.

Prayer – At first I was mostly praying for STEP, my beloved camp that I love above all others and most want to be involved in each year. As the month has gone on I’ve begun to pray about other things, and, sometimes, just spent time thanking God for the ridiculous heap of blessings He pours on me, and us as a family. As I’ve been praying I’ve seen several meaningful answers, often quicker than I expected. It’s truly awe-some, in the true sense of the word. I can’t think of any better way to experience God’s love than by just sitting and thanking Him for every insignificant little thing I can think of that He’s given.

Joy – Tied into the previous one, through everything that’s been happening God has slowly given me a joy in the midst of the disappointment I felt when I learned I would be staying home this summer. I’ve come to a point where, even though I don’t particularly know why God wanted me to stay home or what will come of it in the long run, I’m glad to be here.

Risk – God has been challenging me to step out on a limb and do things that I’m not at all comfortable doing – like signing up to teach 5th and 6th grade kids in VBS later this summer, or giving way beyond what my brain says I’m financially capable of. Which leads me to my next one…

Giving – God has been working in me a desire to give more. And not just money, but other things, like donating hair to Wigs for Kids, and *gulp* hopefully donating blood at some point this summer  (despite the fact I have no love for needles). Jesus spent His life above and beyond what He “needed” to while on Earth, day in and day out, and as I see how much He continues to spend Himself in blessing me, I want to do the same for others.

Release – Throughout the course of spending time with Him and working through disappointments and daily needs, I’m slowly coming to a greater surrender of my power over the future. I find myself asking God to work things in such a way that I have no power over the outcome, and thus cannot take any of the credit for them. That’s something new, because I like to have some measure of control, and I’m grateful to see that God is slowly remodeling me to allow Him to work more fully through me.

God is good, all the time. His blessings are beyond comprehension, and I’m so grateful to have an all-knowing, all-powerful, loving God who cares about every infinitesimal detail about my life!

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