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(You can tell how far downhill my brain has gone when the title isn’t even a real word. 😉 )

Today Matthias asked me to build a LEGO castle for him. I had a new design I wanted to build, so unlike previous similar constructions I didn’t build it from the ground up like he expected. I wanted to do something new and fascinating, and so for my design I built several disconnected (and confusing-looking) pieces that I would later attach to each other. He watched in perplexity, trying to figure out what I was doing, but I didn’t explain how the pieces would fit. It’s not that I wanted to confuse him, but I knew that if I tried to explain it to him he wouldn’t really understand. I wanted him to have the surprise and delight of finally seeing and understanding the design when all the pieces were ready to be put together. I think his appreciation of the castle was greater because of the way he watched it come together than it might have been otherwise.

And then it occurred to me that God does the same thing. He builds our stories in many different pieces that don’t look like they fit together whatsoever. We pester Him for explanations and answers, but He doesn’t always stop to explain. Sometimes He simply keeps on working quietly, knowing that, while we are not capable of visualizing now what He has in the works, when we do finally see it we will understand and praise Him for what He has done. Sometimes our appreciation for what God does is greater when we can’t understand all the little pieces until they come together. Then in awe, we praise and thank Him, overwhelmed by His goodness.

So… in a way, it can be best when we don’t  understand. The end result may very well be mind-blowing.

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