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I was talking with my mentors this morning, and the subject shifted to desires. I don’t remember what exactly was said at the moment, but it sparked a thought.

Why does God give us desires – to serve in a specific way, to do a specific thing, to get married, etc – that, sometimes, can take years and years and years to come to pass – or never come to pass at all? I think of people who had great hopes and dreams but died before they could achieve them. What about people that have enormous talent and a desire to use it, but never get the chance? Why does God do that sometimes?

I used to assume that if God gave me a desire to do or be something it would for sure come to pass. But today I stopped and wondered – I have a lot of things that I want to do, and there may not ever be a chance for me to do them in this life. If God gave me a desire, that makes it good, right? And if it is a good desire, it ought to come to pass, right? But what if He gave me a perfectly good, God-honoring desire that wasn’t meant to come to pass? Why would He do that?

What if sometimes God gives us desires in order to see what we will do with them? We assume that an unfulfilled desire is a bad thing, but what if the real tragedy is a desire wrongly handled?

I want my life, everything, even my desires to honor God – whether or not my life has a so-called “happy ending”. If I continue through my whole life with ungranted desires that are deeply important to me, and choose even in the midst of that to continue to seek God and serve Him and surrender the desire to Him for His glory, then I’d say that’s no waste. That’s a battle for sure, but every battle is also an opportunity to allow God to be strong in place of our weakness. And every time we surrender our weakness and allow God to be our strength we glorify God. That’s not such a bad ending at all.

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