About Me

So who is this person who decided to blog weekly ponders, anyways? Hello, it’s nice to meet you too. My name is Calista Bethelle. (That’s important, by the way, and I’ll explain it in a minute.) I’m an average, recent-adult, scribbling-and-scrawling type of person. I love drawing and painting and reading and above all, writing.

So what’s important about my name? (After all, it’s not so humble to proclaim the importance of one’s own name.) Well, it’s the meaning that is important to me. As near as I can gather, Calista Bethelle means “most beautiful house of God”. That’s a pretty good summation of what I want to be. I want my life to be a beautiful picture of Christ dwelling within me. A beautiful house of God.

This blog is, you could say, the outflow of that. Here I post ponders and ramblings about the deeper things God’s been teaching me, things I’m chewing over. It’s a messy blog, full of messy half-thought thunks with very little editing, but I hope it is a blessing and an encouragement for you to read them. Because that…that is where my messy blotches and blunders become beautiful.

God bless!
~Calista Bethelle


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Black Hawk

    I’m the first to comment! YAY!!! šŸ˜€

  2. šŸ˜€ Oooh! B-) Milly has a blog! šŸ˜€ *Bounces and follows*

  3. What a remarkable young lady you are. You will go far in your life, I have NO doubt.

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