Tell a Tale of…

…Royalty in Disguise


War doesn’t seem too imminent to princess Diantha as she deals with the daily troubles of keeping herself in check. But war seems much closer when a new servant is accused of spying. Or is the real peril to be found in a single spy? As the truth emerges, the real threat manages to strike the first blow, and Diantha finds herself masquerading as a maid in the quest to free her brother from the malevolent mastermind behind the growing conflict. Will this man’s bid for a kingdom be struck down? And, just as importantly, will he ever be caught?

This is the first book in the Tell a Tale series by Camille Esther, my oldest sister. It’s brilliant, exciting, and breathes Christianity through every chapter. And of course I’m not the least bit biased. *Wink* If you’re interested in buying the book, just click on the image to the left to get to her Amazon page!


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